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          Indoor Rowing Competition 2020

          We had 3 Indoor Rowing teams (Year 7 Boys, Year 8 Girls and Year 9 Boys) competing at the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships last week at the Copper Box Arena at the Olympic Park.

          It was a fantastic day where there were 2000 (age 11 -18)  students competing  in individual rowing competitions as well a sprint relays. All students performed brilliantly and improved on their previous performance in the Kent Finals in February. The students had some fantastic results:


          Year 7 Boys : 7th, 24th, 27th and 55th out of 161 students

          Year 8 Girls; 24th, 32nd, 82nd and 168 out of 268 students

          Year 9 Boys: 26th, 98th, 98th and 102nd out of 220 students


          This is the first year that we have competed at this level and all students were ’oarsome’ and were a great credit to the school.

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